HealthCare AI: The Unavoidable Revolution in Modern Medicine

By Eric Greenberg In the evolving landscape of medical technology, there's one force that stands head and shoulders above the rest, promising a seismic shift in the very ethos of healthcare delivery: Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a seasoned technology and banking analyst, it is my considered opinion that Healthcare AI isn't just a trend or a buzzword. It’s the very future of medicine, poised to reshape everything we know about patient care, disease diagnosis, and medical research. To begin with, the economic implications of integrating AI in healthcare are

Paribus. Trust Less.

One month ago, Jerome Powell, head of the Federal Reserve in the US, announced that the banking system was sound and robust despite the collapse of several large banks. After raising rates a further 0.25%, he said, “We’re committed to learning the lessons from this episode and to work to prevent events like this from happening again.” As we prepare for another potential 0.25% rate hike on May 3rd, another major bank in the US, First Republic Bank, has collapsed. Its collapse is part of a larger trend of consolidation

Apex Legends Player Discovers Valkyrie Rocket Spam Trick Using Ultimate Accelerant

Apex LegendsOne Apex Legends player has uncovered a new Valkyrie technique that significantly shortens her rocket cooldown—with a bit of a catch, of course. / Respawn EntertainmentOne Apex Legends player has uncovered a new Valkyrie technique that significantly shortens her rocket cooldown—with a bit of a catch, of course.Apex Legends fans are on the precipice of a new season as we speak. Season 11: Escape saw the release of its launch trailer, having announced both the new tropical paradise map and revealing the simulacrum android Ash as the next playable

Is the New Demon Slayer Game on Xbox?

Top GamesImage provided by SEGA.Fans of Demon Slayer are raving with the recent release of the newest video game tie-in: Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles. Though with the game’s release, will the game come out on the Xbox family of consoles?Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles allows fans to relive the anime’s story through the perspective of an arena fighter game. Given that it’s a retelling of the story fans come to know and love, there’s quite a bit of excitement in the air about its release, with promises of releases

Ginger wins first Super Smash Bros. Melee Major, beats Axe 3-2 at Low Tide City

Another LAN Major is in the books, with Ginger winning Super Smash Bros. Melee at Low Tide City 3-2 in a grand finals run-back against Axe.  This is the Falco player’s first Major victory, taking wins over Magi, Duncan “SDJ” Meara, and two straight sets against Axe to win it all in just the second in-person Melee Major of the year. He also won doubles with his partner Gahtzu. LETS GO BABY!!!! #1 ?????— LG Ginger (@SsbmGinger) October 3, 2021 In their first meeting, Ginger beat Axe 3-2 with a

Evil Geniuses partners with Healthy Gamer, bring on Dr. K as mindset and performance coach for Dota 2’s The International 10

Teams are busy finalizing their strategies and perfecting last-minute techniques ahead of The International 10, which will see the best Dota 2 players compete for more than $40 million from Oct. 7 to 17. With the Aegis of Champions on the line, Evil Geniuses is partnering with digital mental health platform Healthy Gamer and bringing on co-founder and president Dr. Alok Kanojia to help the organization’s Dota 2 team prepare.  Dr. K will be joining EG as the team’s eighth member, working with the players as their mindset and performance

What is VRAM?

PC games rely on several different factors to run smoothly and provide the best possible gameplay. Chief among those systems is memory, or rather the ability to pull information within the system at any given time. If a game is suffering from framerate issues or stuttering, chances are, the PC in use needs more of a specific type of memory called VRAM.  VRAM is essential when it comes to graphical performance. It is also essential for general functions as well, such as switching through different opened applications. This article will

Weapon Preference for Assassin in Diablo II: Resurrected

Top GamesImage courtesy of Blizzard EntertainmentFeeling stealthy? Here are the best weapons for the Assassin in Diablo II: Resurrected.Veteran Diablo II players might remember that the Assassin was an expansion class introduced in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. In Diablo II: Resurrected this class is available immediately and if you're a fan of the more stealthy builds in other RPGs, it'll certainly look enticing. The Assassin class, naturally, makes use of stealth mechanics but with a penchant for martial arts. In Diablo II, Assassins also make use of trap skills