Tekken 7 Legendary Edition launching on Nov. 12, won’t include all DLC content

Development for Tekken 7 has slowed to a crawl after the release of Lidia Sobieska in March, which ended the game’s fourth season of DLC. Now, Bandai Namco is releasing an “ultimate” version of the game, which will bundle the base game with some of the DLC content released since Tekken 7 originally launched in June 2017 on consoles. Tekken 7 Legendary Edition is set to launch on Nov. 12 for around $35, based on the European listings, and will include the entire base roster of 36 fighters, eight previous

When Will the Next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter be Revealed?

Top GamesSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate / Credit to NintendoWhen will the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter be revealed?Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has an enormous cast of playable characters. In fact, every character from every previous Super Smash Bros game was included in Ultimate's cast at launch. However, since then there have been additional characters released that raised the cast's total to 81 playable characters. The next fighter released will be the last addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.Many of the characters added to the game are from studios other

Soulcalibur VI, Tekken 7 producer Motohiro Okubo officially leaves Bandai Namco after 25 years

Soulcalibur VI and Tekken 7 producer Motohiro Okubo is leaving Bandai Namco after 25 years working with the company.  This announcement came earlier today as Okubo shared Aug. 31 was officially his last day with Bandai Namco and thanked fans for supporting all of the games he worked on in the past. “25 years ago, I joined the former Namco and met various people. I am grateful to all the people I met,” Okubo said. “Especially through Soulcalibur VI, I received enormous power from players all over the world. Thank

Inclusivity and Representation within Esports & Games

Compared to film and television, video games are breaking considerable boundaries onscreen when it comes to diversity and representation. However, this representation is largely only superficial. Although women and minorities are indeed working behind the scenes, the industry is still dominated by men. For us to see real change on-screen, the overall video games industry and esports sector needs to undergo some serious diversification.   Women in the Video Games Industry   While female protagonists in video games are nothing new, there is an image problem when it comes to