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Apex Legends Legend Arena Tier List September 2021

Apex LegendsApex Legends Artwork / Credit to EA/RespawnThe Apex Legends Legend Arena tier list for September 2021 is much different than the battle royale tier list. This is because the Arena game mode in Apex Legends typically plays out very different than the Battle Royale mode. A 3-v-3 fight where both teams are guaranteed good loot, plenty of ammo and an absence of the dreaded third-parties simplifies the game and alters the meta dramatically. Please note that legends are not in any specific order within their given tiers.Up and away.

Apex Legends Gold Item Guide

Apex LegendsPhoto courtesy of Respawn EntertainmentIn Apex Legends, there is a tiered loot system, with gold items indicating the highest tier, Legendary. While gray, blue, and purple items simply increase in strength as their rarity increases, gold items offer a unique perk, in addition to the same strength as their purple counterparts. These items are incredibly difficult to find, but offer immense payoff if you can find them.Here's what you need to know about what each gold item offers in Apex Legends:Helmets protect against headshot damage. A gold helmet not