How to complete Weakness of the Ego quest in New World

New World has a gradual climb in difficulty as players quest through the game, especially when it comes to Story missions. If you’re not at a high enough level to continue with the story, the game itself will limit how far you can continue. The first time you may encounter a mission that looks to be quite difficult and require some leveling is during Adiana Theron’s Everfall questline, Weakness of the Ego. Weakness of the Ego is difficult as it requires players to collect three Petalcaps and three Rivercress Stems,

New World Camp Tier 2: How to Upgrade Camps

Top GamesHere's a breakdown of how to upgrade the camps you can build to Tier 2 in New World. / Photo courtesy of Amazon GamesIn New World, the ability to build Tier 2 camps is something that many are wondering about as players continue to explore the world of Aeternum for the first time.For those looking to access better crafting options and other benefits, here's how to unlock the ability to upgrade the camps you can build to Tier 2 in New World.time to no life it and #playnewworld all

Where to Find Rivercress Stem in New World

Top GamesPlayers are trying to figure out where to find rivercress stems in Amazon Games' New World. / Amazon GamesPlayers are trying to figure out where to find rivercress stems in Amazon Games' New World.During the quest, "Weakness of the Ego," players are tasked with crafting three Corruption Tinctures at an Arcane Station/Repository. This requires three ingredients: water, petalcaps, and rivercress stem. The first two tend to be easy for players to locate and harvest. Unfortunately, the last one isn't quite as simple. The places where this ingredient can commonly

Weakness of the Ego New World: How to Complete Quest

Top GamesFronded Petalcaps out in the world, one of the required reagents for completing Weakness of the Ego / Amazon GamesNew World quest Weakness of the Ego has some extra steps required that may have some players confused on where to begin.pic.twitter.com/Mn3pZNZ7hk— New World (@playnewworld) July 23, 2021Weakness of the Ego requires the player to collect three water, three Petalcaps, and three Rivercress Stems to craft three Corruption Tinctures at an Arcane Station/Repository.The struggle many players are having with Weakness of the Ego comes from collecting the Rivercress Stems. Rivercress

How to craft in New World?

Looting is one of the prime ways of unlocking new gear and powering up your character in almost all MMORPGs. You won’t be able to loot everything in New World, however, since there’ll be some items or upgrades you’ll only be able to obtain through crafting. Not only do you need to have enough materials, you’ll also need to know your way around crafting the item of your choice by making sure that you have leveled up the correct crafting skills. There are a total of seven crafting skills in New World