G2 Esports and AOC Continue to Stay Strong Together

We are happy to announce that we are continuing our journey with AOC as our official monitor partner. We are on a quest to bring crisp and clean viewing experiences to gamers across the globe. Both of our brands have grown massively since we began our partnership and have worked to reach esports fans across the world. Together, we launched the G2 Esports Signature Edition AOC monitor, a beautiful take on the AOC G2590PX. At major esports events around the world, fans played like the pros in 1v1s on AOC monitors.

The internet changed gaming forever. How’s player support keeping up?

“Gaming has changed,” I thought to myself as I slowly maneuvered past the young cosplayers crowding the halls at Gamescom, the largest gaming conference in Europe for players and industry professionals.I thought back to my childhood, and the games I grew up with. Mario and Sonic were still present, I could still find Street Fighter and Fallout merchandise, and FIFA 20 was, somewhat expectedly, huge. But that was pretty much it — the gaming universe I used to know, tucked in between massive displays of games I’ve never heard of.