PGL Major Stockholm stickers and Pick’Em released

Valve has released the pre-Major update to the game, releasing various content relating to the upcoming $2 million tournament taking place in Stockholm, Sweden on October 26-November 7. Those who have been calling on stickers to be released for the past few days will be happy to hear that team stickers and a new addition in team patches are among the content released. While every team sticker is available, only the player autographs of the eight playoff teams from the tournament will be released following the conclusion of the Major.

How to get a minimap in New World?

New World is set in a beautifully designed map that features all kinds of landscape. Considering the level of detail around the map and the number of obstacles, such as trees or houses, it isn’t uncommon for players to get lost or bump into an obstacle or two from time to time. If you have a bunch of quests that you’re looking to complete in the same area, finding the NPCs can be a real struggle while you run around the town. While you can always bring up the map