Niantic Announces Pokemon GO Gameplay Changes

PokémonPhoto by NianticNiantic announced upcoming gameplay changes to Pokémon GO on Wednesday, Oct. 13. The changes will be rolled out in specific regions over the next few months. The full details of the update have not yet been released, but here is what we know so far.Niantic has not yet revealed which parts of the globe will receive the updates first, but there are a couple of sneak peeks of the new features. Many of these features are oriented towards welcoming new players. One such feature is a new special

Old School RuneScape introduces new Group Ironman mode

Old School RuneScape fans have been treated with the first major mode coming to the game in more than five years as Group Ironman joined the game earlier today. One of the game’s most popular modes, Ironman, can now be played with friends thanks to this new mode making the system slightly easier, while still offering a true Ironman experience. ? Group Ironman, Old School's all-new Co-Op Ironman Game Mode is here!⚔ Get ready to forge a team of Ironmen and become legends!? Find out everything you need to know

How to get to Supersonic Legend in Rocket League?

Even if you start playing Rocket League casually, every player’s competitive spirit ignites in one way or another. Once you step foot into the game’s ranked mode, you’ll try to do your best until the ranked season reset. Achieving higher ranks will be key to unlocking more rewards at the end of each season and you’ll also have bragging rights if you achieve the highest rank amongst your friends. The Grand Champion rank was the cherry on top for Rocket League players through a decent portion of the game’s history,

Does New World have controller support?

The wait is finally over for New World. After months of beta testing and a couple of delays, the game’s final build is finally here. While some players already had a decent idea of what they’d need to do after creating their character for the first time since they were experienced from the beta, there were also players who needed a New World starter guide to set their character onto the right course. New World welcomes the players with a nice tutorial that is quite explanatory, but if you have a different taste when it

How to get Nightcrawler bait in New World

With so much to kill and create in New World, it can be beneficial to take some time to relax by a pond or on a dock to just do some fishing. To start your fishing journey, you can collect Woodlouse bait from any bush and take them to the large pond that sits just west of the Windsward Hamlet. There, Master Fisher Shields will gift you a fishing pole and teach you the basics of fishing. If you want to skip the tutorial and if you have the materials,

New World starter guide: What to do first

After years of development and multiple extended beta periods, New World has finally launched. The huge MMO project from Amazon Studios has rocketed to the top of the charts on its first day, dominating the rankings on both Steam and Twitch. If you’ve made it past the queues and into the game, then congratulations, your journey is now set to begin. Rather than walk you through the controls like the tutorial will do, we’ve put together a guide of tips and tricks to follow as your New World journey begins.

TFT Patch 11.19: Full notes and updates

A number of big changes are taking place in Teamfight Tactics’ Set 5.5 Patch 11.19 leading up to the TFT World Championship.  Scheduled to go live on Sept. 22, the TFT 11.19 update is the patch that the Reckoning World Championship will be played on. Big balance changes within the Worlds patch include a rework to Draven and Tristana, along with minor system and balance changes. From a Skirmisher and Abomination buff to Garen becoming an offensive Set 5.5 champion, here are the full notes for TFT Patch 11.19.  System

VALORANT player shares perfect spike recovery method with Omen

Spike retrieval when you’re the last man standing can be quite difficult, especially when there are multiple enemies locked down defending its location. If you happen to be playing Omen, however, then there’s one easy trick you can use. User Thatoneidiotatschool showed off an easy Spike recovery technique with some assistance from Omen’s ultimate ability. In the clip, the player can be seen casting From the Shadows to appear on the Spike, which was at the opposite side of the map. While you aren’t able to grab the spike during

Deathloop: You Can Get The Best Weapon In The Game Very Early | Here’s How

The best gun in Deathloop doesn’t seem that great when you first look at it — but after playing the game for more than 30+ hours, I can confidently say it is the best, most useful gun in the game. It is a simple LIMP-10 SMG variant, but you can grab it during the opening tutorial if you know where to look. Slap on a few weapon upgrades to increase accuracy and damage-over-distance, then equip the Nexus Slab ability. With Nexus and this gun, you can easily clear entire rooms

How to do Jelly Layups in NBA 2K22

Top GamesImage provided by Take-Two Interactive Software.NBA 2K22 is here, and players both new and old step in the court to ball out. There are many different ways to score baskets, whether it’s with a three-point shot or a sneaky layup. Here’s how to perform one of 2K’s biggest layups: the Jelly Layup.A Jelly is defined by a leg kick resulting in a jump where people think the player is going to dunk the ball, but actually ends up rolling the ball into the hoop with their finger while they