Apex Legends Fan Has a Fix to Make Shield Swaps Easier

Apex LegendsAn Apex Legends fan has devised the perfect fix to make picking up broken Evo Shields a thing of the past. / Photo courtesy of Respawn EntertainmentOne of the most unique gameplay aspects that has long made Apex Legends stand out in its genre is shield swapping.In the heat of the moment, it cannot be overstated how drastic it can be if even just one player in a fight goes from zero to 100 in shields... that is unless they are unfortunate enough to pick up another depleted chest

Starfield – New Details You Need to Know

Two years after its initial announcement, Bethesda Game Studios finally opened up about Starfield at Xbox’s recent E3 2021 showcase. It’s the studio’s first new universe in about 25 years and ventures to a realm that’s been unexplored till now – outer space. While the reveal trailer’s footage was from an alpha build, we’ve learned quite a bit about the setting, the technology, some of its systems and much more. Let’s take a look at those new things you should know about Starfield. Exclusive to Xbox [embedded content] Upon kicking

Black Desert Reveals New Corsair Class With Cinematic & Gameplay Trailers

Today Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss revealed a brand new class coming to the popular open-world MMORPG. It’s the corsair, bringing her adventurous spirit and weird accent to the game with a global update coming on June 29 to all platforms. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy her on the same day on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile. Below you can catch both a cinematic and a gameplay trailer showing the corsair in action. [embedded content] [embedded content] Here’s how the Corsair is officially described: “Corsair wields

Select Smart Genshin Impact: How to Make the Personality Quiz Work

Top Gamescourtesy of miHoYoFind which Genshin Impact character you resemble the most through a quiz on Select Smart. Have you ever wondered which Genshin Impact character you are like? There are a total of 33 playable characters in the game; each one is individualized by miHoYo with unique characteristics. Every character has their birthday and favorite food stated, and their voice lines tell us their personalities."why is he crying""he took one of those 'which genshin impact character are you like' quiz online""who did he get""kaeya"-I kin diluc pic.twitter.com/g9FZMkrT7O— Lemon (@dilucadmirer)

July 2021 PS Plus Free Games Predictions

Each month, PlayStation Plus subscribers get to download three free games. As long as you’re PS Plus subscription is live and active, you’ll be able to play these games forever, for as long as you want. While the announcement of the following month’s games tends to come at the end of the previous month, that doesn’t mean we can’t make a few guesses. Here’s what we think could be the July 2021 PS Plus free games. The free games are split between one PS5 title and two for PS4. As