The Tightrope of Regulation

In a significant move at the recent G20 meeting in India, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Financial Stability Board (FSB) released a joint paper outlining a framework for the global regulation of cryptocurrencies. While the proposals mostly tread familiar territory, what’s new is their conviction in crypto’s unstoppable growth and success. A flurry of optimism greeted the G20’s endorsement of the report because it advocates that countries don’t ban crypto. Hidden in its text, however, are some worrying signs. For example, on the first page, they state, “Widespread

Steven in NYC Thursday Sept 21 – Sun 24th

#UnstoppableAfrica I'll be heading down on the #FlixBus 5 hour trip from #Ithaca to #NYC the place of my birth and youth. Being an active investor, advisor, mentor and friend to the emerging African startup tech ecosystem and it's youthful driven ambitious leaders, I've been invited to the prestigious event below. I have felt totally welcome by the giants of the African VC world. As a somewhat unique person in this scene I have been invited into many conversations and opportunities as a bridge between wealthy global investors and the best and brightest of youthful

Ondrej Strasky finishes day one of Magic World Championship XXVII undefeated

Ondrej Strasky continues the momentum from his top-ranked finish in the Magic Pro League as the only undefeated player through day one of the Magic World Championship XXVII. It’s been several months since Magic fans have seen Strasky compete since he qualified for the World Championship back in April. His name flew under the radar compared to some of the more popular names like Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa who competed more recently. It was Strasky who became the frontrunner with a 5-0 record through three rounds of Innistrad: Midnight

The best guns in Apex Legends, ranked

The Apex Legends weapon pool has gone through quite a few changes over the last several seasons. With the recent introduction of the Rampage LMG and the constant reshuffling of supply drop weapons, it’s tougher than ever to know which gun you should choose. As such, our tier list has gone through quite a few changes. We’ve placed every gun in the game into a tier and give our reasoning as to why you should—or shouldn’t—use it.  Just like our character tier list, the order of weapons in each tier

Best junglers in Pokémon UNITE

Having a variety of roles is extremely important to finding success in Pokémon UNITE. Nintendo’s first entry into the MOBA genre features a Wild Area full of wild Pokémon between the two symmetrical lanes for a single player to assume the jungle role. Jungling is a term used for players in MOBAs who eliminate the wild enemies between lanes as a method of gaining XP, before entering other lanes to help out in defending or securing kills. Given the importance of the role and specific conditions that the player must

Best Garchomp build in Pokémon UNITE

The Gible line has long been one of the most popular evolutionary lines in the Pokémon series. The inclusion of the final evolution, Garchomp, as Champion Cynthia’s partner in the Sinnoh region only helped its popularity. These Pokémon are taking over Unite Battles in Pokémon UNITE and have quickly risen to the top of the meta. Gible, Gabite, and Garchomp enter UNITE as All-Rounders, meaning they don’t excel in any single stat. Instead, they flourish in multiple different capacities. And when Gible evolves fully into Garchomp, these balanced stats create

Best Gengar build in Pokémon UNITE

None of Gengar’s stats may look too overwhelming, but beware—the scariest part of this tricky Pokémon is its combo potential that will leave you looking at a respawn timer in seconds. The Kanto region’s spooky ghosts, Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar, join the starting lineup of Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE, and bring with them the tricks that have made them some of the most popular Pokémon in the series. Holding true to their main series appearances, these Pokémon are quite frail though deal massive damage if left unchecked. These Pokémon are