Pioneering Synergy of Innovation and Purpose: The Futurist Showcase at the Pierce School Penthouse Featuring Global Cannabis Holdings and Avi8ted Ventures.

Washington, D.C. — The stage is set for a symphony of innovation and purpose as the Futurist Showcase takes center stage August 18th at 7:15pm. This exclusive event, a convergence of luminaries, will spotlight two trailblazing enterprises — Global Cannabis Holdings (GCH) and Avi8ted Ventures. These visionary companies are poised to reshape industries and redefine societal progress, all against the backdrop of the exquisite Pierce School Penthouse, a residence synonymous with entrepreneurial spirit and forward-thinking excellence. Photo by Anthony Hampton The visionary forces behind the Futurist Showcase are entrepreneurs Charlton

eBRO Gaming will represent Latin America in the Wild Rift: Horizon Cup

eBRO Gaming has been crowned the champions of the Lolcito Salvaje Abierto 2021 Finals. Despite being the number three seed from South LATAM, the team cruised through the competition to take first place and earn a spot at the League of Legends: Wild Rift Horizon Cup. eBRO, which comprises players from Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina, have now become the fifth team to qualify for Wild Rift’s first global esports event, the Horizon Cup. The other four teams are China’s Da Kun Gaming (DKG), South Korea’s KT Rolster, Japan’s Sengoku Gaming,

Regional price changes to be implemented in Wild Rift in September

League of Legends: Wild Rift‘s regional prices and global bonus currency will be adjusted on Sept. 8, Riot Games announced earlier today. While Europe will see decreased prices, Brazil, Latin America, and Russia will have increased prices “due to exchange rates and tax changes,” it wrote. To compensate for this increase, the players from all regions will receive double bonus for all purchases made between Aug. 23 and Sept. 8. So if players want to buy some Wild Cores to purchase skins and other items, this will be one of

How to complete Player Moments Rodríguez SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

EA Sports added a Player Moments 93-rated version of James Rodríguez from Everton to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team today. This item is obtainable after you complete four segments of squad-building challenges (SBCs). This is Rodríguez’s first special card in the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team cycle. EA gave him this card to celebrate his outstanding goal for Colombia against Uruguay in 2014. This SBC will be available until Monday, July 5, so you’ll have a week to craft cards if you don’t want to build them completely from scratch. EA mainly upgraded Rodríguez’s Pace (+37)

How to complete FOF Nation Player Giménez SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

EA Sports added a 90-rated Festival of FUTball (FOF) Nation Player version of José María Giménez from Atlético de Madrid to FIFA 21 Sunday, on June 13. This item is available through the squad-building challenge (SBC) menu in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. This is Giménez’s second special card in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. He’s the first Uruguayan player in the FOF Nation Player promo and will receive an upgrade depending on how many wins the Uruguayan national team gets during the Copa America. EA has mainly boosted Giménez’s Pace (+23), Passing (+17), and Dribbling (+15), while

meyern: “I want to give my all to compete with an Argentinian team at big events; I’m going to chase that dream”

Ignacio "⁠meyern⁠" Meyer made his return to the servers last month with Furious, on loan from 9z, after taking break from competition in October 2020. The first event in his new endeavour was a success as he and his teammates qualified for the Aorus League regional finals with wins against the biggest teams in Argentina. Following their victory, we sat down with the Argentine youngster to learn more about him joining forces with Furious, the reasoning behind his long break, how he sees his return and the different possible routes

How to complete Marquee Matchups from week 36 in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

EA Sports has added a new set of Marquee Matchups to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, which you can complete by accessing the squad-building challenge (SBC) menu. The Marquee Matchups are weekly challenges themed around real soccer’s key matchups. EA selects some matches and creates SBCs that reward players with some tradeable FUT packs. For week 36, EA selected four matchups: Brazil vs. Ecuador, Uruguay vs. Paraguay, Belgium vs. Croatia, and Spain vs. Portugal. You’ll have until Thursday, June 10 to complete them before a new set of Marquee Matchups will be added