Is the Future Digital?

These days you can’t scroll through YouTube without encountering videos foretelling the end of crypto and the collapse of the global financial system. The clickbait culture that invaded traditional journalism has now spread to citizen journalism too, but how realistic are all of these dramatic claims? Fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) pervade the mainstream media. So much so that even people with little knowledge of the technology claim it’s all going to zero. If you’re looking for bottom signals this is the equivalent of everyone FOMOing in at the top.

Everything we know about Deadeye, VALORANT’s next agent

All clues point towards codename Deadeye being VALORANT’s next agent. The next agent joining the game will be another Sentinel that “focuses on mechanical outplays,” with an “additional focus on gunplay” for “an extra flourish,” according to a post by Riot on Sept. 27. Riot hasn’t outright said who VALORANT’s next agent will be, but the devs have left a trail of breadcrumbs in the form of videos, images, and text.  The name “Deadeye” was first discovered in VALORANT’s Year One Anthem video in June, with the word Deadeye scrawled

We Are OFK Release Date Information

Top GamesWe Are OFK's release date is set for some time in 2022. / Photo courtesy of Team OFKWe Are OFK's release date hasn't been precisely nailed down, but its developers — Team OFK — shared a broad release window for the game during the Sony State of Play broadcast that went out Wednesday. Here's what we know about when We Are OFK is going to be released.? We Are OFK coming to #PS5 #PS4!? Our band's story & EP drop 2022? AHHH thank u @PlayStation!!!? Join our mailing list for

What is Swarm Mode in Back 4 Blood?

Top GamesImage provided by Turtle Rock Studios.Back 4 Blood features a co-op experience similar to the critically-acclaimed Left 4 Dead, though there’s one game mode that shakes up the cooperative nature of the title. Here’s a brief summary of Swarm Mode in Back 4 Blood.Fans of Left 4 Dead may be familiar with this style of gameplay. In Swarm Mode, two teams of four are pitted against one another. One team takes the roles of the human “Cleaners” while the other team of the zombie “Ridden” try their best to

Overwatch 2 Devs Testing Doomfist in a Tank Role

OverwatchThe highly-mobile, powerful frontline fighter's role remains up in the air as game development for Overwatch 2 continues. / Photo courtesy of BlizzardAs little bits and pieces of the Overwatch 2 development process continue to trickle out to its invested community, one hero in particular noticeably remains to be seen in teaser images and videos put out by Blizzard — Doomfist.This is not out of neglect or some sort of laziness, however. In fact, it's quite the opposite. As hinted at before by the title's devs in September, Doomfist is

What Does ‘MP’ Stand for in NBA 2K22 MyCareer?

Top Games"2K22’s MyPlayer is MP, a high school star with a hit social channel featuring videos of him embarrassing amateurs on the playground." / Photo courtesy of Ralston Dacanay, 2KIn NBA 2K22 MyCareer, many players are noticing that every character is referring to them as MP, but what does that stand for or mean exactly?Here's the breakdown of what MP stands for in NBA 2K22 MyCareer on Current Gen and Next Gen.A staple in the NBA 2K series, although players are able to make and change their own full name

MrBeast is recreating the popular show Squid Game

MrBeast, the popular YouTuber known for his outrageous YouTube videos typically involving a chance to win large sums of money, is bringing the popular Squid Game series to life.  Squid Game is the latest Netflix hit series. The South Korean show focuses on 456 players participating in a series of dangerous events to win an enormous cash prize. But losing a game results in death, leaving little room for error. The show has accumulated hundreds of millions of views since its release and is Netflix’s most-watched show right now.  MrBeast

Everything new coming in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

The most exciting time of the year is coming soon for Final Fantasy XIV fans, as the upcoming expansion Endwalker‘s release is just around the corner. Set to release on Nov.23, and on Nov.19 for players who preordered it, it will add much new content and change numerous mechanics to keep the game fresh. On top of the content released at the launch date, regular updates will bring more new features to enjoy for the year to come and new chapters to conclude the story that started in 2013. Here

Video: Starry clutches 1v5 against G2

MapVertigoAction situationSecond pistol round [embedded content] You can find the rest of's videos by going to our YouTube channel here. PlatoAi. Web3 Reimagined. Data Intelligence Amplified. Click here to access. Source:

Fan-made gallop animation for Overwatch’s Orisa finally makes her a real horse

Have you ever wanted to see Orisa gallop confidently down the streets of Havana? Thanks to a new fan-made animation, now you can. The animation, created by Reddit user Jupiit, shows Overwatch’s Orisa doing just that. The clip is only four seconds long, but Orisa’s movement is so smooth and measured that several commenters mistook it for an official animation. Jupiit suggested in the title that the animation could be used for a potential new ability for Orisa, presumably one where she gallops quickly to a location or is able