Paribus : Conflicting Narratives

If the past year has taught us anything it’s that no one has a crystal ball when it comes to predicting future moves in the crypto market. Macroeconomic factors and black swan events have time and again overpowered technical analysis. This week China will celebrate the Lunar New Year and move from the year of the Tiger into the year of the Rabbit. Already there are several confusing and sometimes conflicting narratives as to what the coming year will bring. Many commentators are expecting 2023 to be beset by continued

Xbox and Special Olympics hold first ‘Gaming for Inclusion’ esports event

Gaming in general is moving toward accessibility, but that’s not as much the case in esports, which like other sports are competitive and by nature somewhat exclusive. Xbox and the Special Olympics are working together on a new event that combines competition with inclusion, and it’s going on right now. This week, Special Olympics athletes will be competing against each other in tournaments of Rocket League, Madden NFL 22 and Forza Motorsport 7. The prize, other than prestige and pride, is playing with one of the Special Olympics’ celebrity supporters:

Pokémon Go subreddit goes private to protest Reddit’s inaction toward spread of misinformation related to COVID

The Pokémon Go subreddit has switched itself to private in the wake of the spread of COVID-19 misinformation and Reddit’s lackluster response. When pandemic discussions increased on the subreddit, users from conspiracy-minded subreddits like NoNewNormal and (the aptly-named) Conspiracy entered the conversation, turning the discussion away from Pokémon Go and toward false information about the virus, vaccines, and the pandemic as a whole, Kotaku reports. As a result of this increase in conspiracy theories and incorrect information, the Pokémon Go subreddit turned itself to private in protest. They’re calling for

Free Fire World Series 2021 Mexico canceled due to COVID-19 concerns

The Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2021, which was scheduled to be held later in November in Mexico, has been canceled due to concerns regarding COVID-19. In a statement sent to Dot Esports by email, Garena said the health and safety of everyone involved is its top priority. The decision to cancel the event was taken after considering all options to safeguard the health of the Free Fire community.  “The World Series stands as Free Fire’s largest and most exciting esports offline tournament,” Garena said. “The growing safety concerns, however, have made

Doublelift says he’s taking a long break from League solo queue, will continue co-streams

Former League of Legends pro Doublelift gave an in-depth update to his fans about the future of his streaming career, what he plans to do moving forward, and why he’ll be taking an elongated break from solo queue for the time being in a recent vlog. The 28-year-old veteran first revealed that he and his girlfriend, TSM president Leena Xu, caught the Delta variant of COVID-19. He said they’re both fully vaccinated but still caught it. He ensures that he’ll be fine in a couple of weeks after recovering, but

Heroic given green light to exit quarantine ahead of Spirit match

Heroic have been given clearance from German health authorities to exit quarantine after returning additional negative tests, ESL announced on Friday. This comes as a timely boost for the Danish team, who are due to face Spirit at 13:30 in their opening match at IEM Cologne. ESL had announced on Wednesday that Heroic would have to go through further quarantine after one of their players had tested positive for COVID-19. As part of the event's safety protocols, teams, including staff members, are required to quarantine in their hotel rooms for

Scrapped 1990s American Hero FMV Game Restored With An Upcoming Release

[embedded content] There’s a ton of video games out there that never got finished. For whatever reason, games just end up getting scrapped and never get any kind of an announcement or release into the marketplace. One of those games that were scrapped and not meant to be played was a title called American Hero. This was an FMV that originally was slated to release in the 1990s, but it was lost to time after the Atari Jaguar CD discontinued shortly after its release. If you don’t recall the Atari

Pokemon Go Will Remove One Feature That Fan’s Love

[embedded content] Pokemon is such a massive worldwide hit that it’s not much of a surprise that there are plenty of fans eagerly awaiting to dive into any new video game or content released. One of the more unique games to have hit the marketplace that had fans thrilled both young and older was Pokemon Go. It was a unique game for the time which had players using their smartphones and the GPS location services as they went out in public to hunt down these virtual Pokemon in the wild.

Kochira, Hahanaru Hoshi Yori Announced for PS4 & Nintendo Switch by Nippon Ichi Software

Nippon Ichi Software announced a new visual novel titled Kochira, Hahanaru Hoshi Yori. The game will release in Japan for PS4 and Nintendo switch on Oct. 28, 2021. The title translates as “This way, From the Mother Star” and it’s the new game of a line dedicated to Yuri games launched by Nippon Ichi Software The character design and the game itself may prove familiar to those who remember Jinrui no Minasama e, as it shares the art by Yuu Akinashi, the relevant production staff, and basically the setting. While