TCG World Metaverse and Procedural Worlds Craft Vast and Vivid Landscapes with Groundbreaking Technology

New York, November 11, 2023. In a landmark year of collaboration, TCG World Metaverse has joined forces with the talented team at Procedural Worlds to forge a sprawling and immersive environment within the burgeoning metaverse sector. Covering an impressive 900 square kilometers, TCG World has been meticulously sculpted into four distinct regions: North, East, Forest, and Asia. Each quadrant boasts its own unique biome and atmosphere, thanks to the innovative suite of tools provided by Procedural Worlds — Gaia, GeNa, and the revolutionary new software, Storm. Procedural Worlds' artisans have

Riot reveals new Dragonmancer skins for Kai’Sa, Karma, Thresh, Volibear, Truth Yasuo, and Dream Yasuo

Get ready to enter the world of dragons, summoners. Riot Games has unveiled new additions to League of Legends’ Dragonmancer skin line with Kai’Sa, Karma, Thresh, Volibear, and two skins for Yasuo. Volibear might be getting the Prestige edition out of the bunch, but the entire group is looking snazzy nonetheless. Each champion has been paired with their own dragon and the splash arts are all vivid with their own color and design. It's #PBE Preview Dragonmancer edition! ?Dragonmancer Kai'sa, Karma, Thresh, Volibear, Prestige Edition Volibear, Truth Yasuo & Dream