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The best gaming VPNs of 2021

A VPN is an incredibly useful tool that can increase a user’s network privacy and enable a variety of content that might not be accessible in their location. Made popular due to their ability to access region-blocked TV and film, VPNs have become increasingly more common over the past few years. TV and film aren’t the only entertainment that can benefit from using a VPN, though. Enabling this tool can open up a range of previously unplayable content for gaming. A VPN will allow access to games that are only

Asmongold calls for Twitch to ban gambling streams on its platform

Gambling streams have been a controversial topic on Twitch over the past day, and now one of the site’s most popular streamers has called for them to be banned. In a post, Asmongold claimed that if gambling streams aren’t banned, it could cause many problems for the platform “in so many ways we don’t even realize yet.” Twitch needs to ban gambling streams full stopThe amount of bullshit and pitfalls this is going to create in the next 6 months will fuck the website in so many ways we don't