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What is a Sideways Weapon in Fortnite?

FortniteImage provided by Epic Games.Fortnite’s Chapter 2, Season 8 introduces a plethora of new in-game features for the player to learn and make use of, including all-new weapons to sic on opponents. Here’s what the new Sideways Weapons are, and where to find them.Sideways Weapons stand out from the game’s normal weapons for several reasons. First off, they lack magazines, feeding ammo directly from the player’s ammo stash. They can also be upgraded anywhere on the map, as long as the player has enough fragments to use. Finally, Sideways Weapons

roeJ: “Whatever happens now, we can be nothing but proud of what we have accomplished”

This time last month, you would have been hard-pressed to find anyone believing that Copenhagen Flames would be making an appearance in the PGL Major's Legends Stage, but such has been the incredible story of the Danish squad who have taken the world by surprise. With a flawless run in the IEM Fall group stage, featuring wins over names such as G2 and BIG, the team found themselves just one step away from a place in the Challengers stage and went on to lock in their spot with a narrow

Pikmin Bloom: What is it?

Top GamesImage courtesy of NianticPikmin Bloom is the latest mobile game from Niantic, but what do you do in it?Niantic have been hard at work creating the follow-up to the wildly successful Pokemon GO. Rolling out globally over the next coming days, Pikmin Bloom is a slightly different take on the walking games. As a neat spin-off for the Pikmin franchise, players will be utilizing the help of little colorful Pikmin to grow flowers as you go about your daily life. So what exactly do you do in Pikmin Bloom,

How to Get Spacefarer Ariana Grande Skin in Fortnite

FortniteImage provided by Epic Games.It’s a spooky time in Fortnite right now, but fear not. A previous heroine has returned to combat the cubed menace in the most dire of times: Spacefarer Ariana Grande. Here’s how to get her new skin and bundle. Ariana Grande isn’t new to the Fortnite universe, appearing previously in a special concert event earlier in 2021. Like all previous stars who held in-game concerts, she was given a special skin alongside a plethora of other Grande-related items. This time around, she's back as Spacefarer Ariana Grande,

How much does Pokimane make on Twitch?

Pokimane is among the most popular female content creators on Twitch, and as such, her payout from the platform was included in the Twitch leaks from earlier this month. The data breach on Twitch, which included payouts to streamers that spanned from August 2019 to October 2021, showed Pokimane as the highest-paid female content creator on the platform over that time and the 39th highest-paid overall.  Pokimane’s total payout for the 26-month period came out to $1,528,303. That pay only included subscriptions, bit donations, and advertisement revenue. The number does

What is Swarm Mode in Back 4 Blood?

Top GamesImage provided by Turtle Rock Studios.Back 4 Blood features a co-op experience similar to the critically-acclaimed Left 4 Dead, though there’s one game mode that shakes up the cooperative nature of the title. Here’s a brief summary of Swarm Mode in Back 4 Blood.Fans of Left 4 Dead may be familiar with this style of gameplay. In Swarm Mode, two teams of four are pitted against one another. One team takes the roles of the human “Cleaners” while the other team of the zombie “Ridden” try their best to

What is Iron Trials 84 in Warzone?

Call of DutyCourtesy of ActivisionAs the lifetime of Call of Duty: Warzone goes on, the development team at Raven has had to innovate interesting new modes to keep gameplay fresh and fun. Now, there is an all new mode coming to Warzone, replacing the duos mode. This new mode is called Iron Trials 84, a unique take that will be making its way into the game.?️ A #Warzone Playlist Update is live!Added:• Iron Trials '84 - Trios Removed:• Battle Royale - TriosA patch will go live at 12 PM PST

What is stream delay on Twitch?

As a live streaming platform, Twitch often relies on interaction between content creators and their viewers, but not always. Having a delay between the game and a stream is usually not beneficial, but it does have its uses. Stream delay refers to the amount of time between when something happens and when it is broadcast on a livestream. Most streamers operate with as little latency as possible and have no stream delay set on their channel. This makes it so that content creators can directly interact with viewers, and it

What is the VALORANT rank distribution?

Ranked is a daunting endeavor for any player in any game—and VALORANT is no exception. Wins are much sweeter, losses are much heavier, and clutches are much sweatier when there’s rank rating on the line. Several websites track the distribution of ranks among VALORANT players. But in late August, the VALORANT developer team gave us a precise look at the current distribution and clued us in as to what they hope to shape ranked into in the future. What is the current VALORANT ranked distribution? This is the current distribution

What is the Faction Reputation cap in New World?

Factions are one of the key mechanics in New World that influences how PvP factions within the game. A new player will select one of the three factions that are in the game: Syndicate, Marauders, or Covenant. No matter which option you pick, your choice will dictate your allies during global PvP and other late-game PvP modes. Furthermore, being a part of a faction provides players a way to purchase some weapons and armor that are usually quite powerful early in the game. As you progress through the ranks in