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Fortnite Leak Suggests Upcoming ‘Suicide Squad’ Skins

FortniteImage provided by Epic Games. According to freshly-leaked information, Bloodsport may not be the only character from "The Suicide Squad" to make their debut on the Fortnite Island.Fortnite has established itself as a pioneer when it comes to crossovers, with appearances of characters ranging from movies and comics to even real life celebrities like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande. DC Comics has partnered with Epic Games several times since Fortnite’s release, with the latest Battle Pass sporting Clark Kent himself as its bonus skin. While the most recent crossover with "The

Warzone Hackers Can Apparently Score Kills by Shooting the Ground Now

Call of DutyWarzone hackers are able to get kills just by shooting at the ground. | ActivisionWarzone hackers are able to get kills just by shooting at the ground.A gameplay clip has gone viral exposing the latest bullet hacks in Warzone. Fresh off the heels of the magnetic bullets fiasco, it appears that cheaters have discovered yet another way to get their picks without physically aiming at all. Instead, their bullets appear to ricochet off the floor and directly into a nearby player.You'd think that "aiming at the ground to