The Angry Birds Are Getting Their Own Netflix Animated Series

The Angry Birds are coming back to TV screens, with a new Netflix series scheduled for 2021. Angry Birds: Summer Madness will debut on the streaming service, and is planned to consist of 40 episodes that will run for 11 minutes each.

The show will feature all our the birds from the games, and will have a similar humor and tone to the Angry Birds movies. The Mighty Eagle will serve as camp counselor, and, as you’d expect, the pigs will pop up as antagonists.

It will also feature some new characters that players have not seen previously, and will hopefully please kids who are still being introduced to the games (scary thought: some kids who grew up with the original are adults now).

A single screenshot from the new series has also been released–here it is.

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This series is a collaborative effort between developers Rovio and children’s entertainment specialists Cake. Ed Galton, Cake’s managing director, released a brief statement: “Angry Birds are about to smash the small screen and we are thrilled to be making the journey with Netflix as our global partner.”

The Angry Birds Movie 2 released in 2019, and has the unexpected distinction of receiving the best review average score ever for a video game movie on Metacritic (60).

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