Gambling, gaming and casinos are some of the most used terms as far as fun and entertainment are concerned in our world today. Although gambling is as old as man, gambling, gaming and casinos have revolutionized in recent years as a result of the advancement of technology to provide online gambling, gaming and casino platforms that we enjoy today. Most of those online platforms have experienced a technological leap in recent years to provide extra features that can accommodate modern equipment like the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies. Gambling, gaming and casinos are some of the biggest sources of relaxation and fun in the world today.

The evolution of gambling can be dated as far as 500 B.C. Although casinos were later introduced before we had the evolution of gaming, these three forms of entertainment have helped to provide a form of relaxation to children, youths and adults. Many years may have rolled on since the earliest days of gambling however, this article will provide you with enough information on the evolution of gambling, gaming and casino.

In 2300 B.C. the Chinese played the “game of chance” that involved uncovering tiles. This game was very popular among the Chinese people and it was the game that was used for the lottery. Most historians believe that this lottery was where part of funds for the Great Wall of China was obtained. This is the earliest form of gambling.

In 500 B.C. dicing on the streets of Rome was one of the first forms of gambling that was ever recorded in ancient days. The Greeks also joined the Romans to play this game which further helped to increase the popularity of the game. However, after some time, gambling chips were later introduced to replace the game of dicing.

In 800 B.C. the Egyptians picked up from the Romans and Greeks and played the game of dicing. Although their own form was not as common as “Dicing on the streets” that was commonly played by the Romans and Greeks, the game enjoyed a huge popularity among the Egyptians for some time.

In 800 A.D. The Chinese introduced another game known as the “playing your cards right”. It was the first-ever card game and it was formed from the Chinese Domino. This game was later revolutionized to give us the standard 52 game pack we enjoy today.

In 1125 A.D. Sir William of Tyre introduced the game of “craps” which is now a very popular game in most casinos in the world. However, after having different versions of craps by the Arabs, the English and the French, John H. Winn improved the game to the modern form that is currently available in our casinos.

In 1400 A.D. Baccarat was introduced by the Italians and French. After many years the game revolutionized to another version, however the Cubans are the main progenitors of the modern form of Baccarat we enjoy today.

In 1600 A.D. the popular game of Blackjack was originated from the Spanish game of Veintiuna and the French game of Vingt-et-un and trente-un (31) combining to give us the modern form of Blackjack we enjoy in different versions in both the land-based casinos and the online casinos with casinos like online casino japan offering the best versions of this game.

In 1638 A.D. The first ever European gambling house called the “Ridotto” was established in Venice, Italy by the great council of Venice. The Ridotto was built as a place where a person can go to enjoy all forms of games at the same time. The Ridotto was very operational during the Venice carnival and is one of the most significant gambling symbols we have in the world today.

In 1657 A.D. a French man by name Blaise Pascal introduced the game of “Roulette” by creating a new innovation out of the Roman’s game of chance. However, the single zero format is mostly used by all except the Americans that employ the double zero format.

In 1829 A.D. The game of “poker” was introduced and it was a massive innovation that resulted from a French game called Pogue. Today, poker is one of the most common casino games in every casino today.

Immediately after the evolution of poker, the game of “slots” was introduced by two men from Brooklyn known as Sittman and Pitt. However, slots have been improved upon to give us the versions we enjoy in most casinos today.

Within a few years later in the early years of the 19th century, the first modern casino was built in Monaco, France. In 1931, the first-ever casino in the gambling city of Las Vegas known as the “Golden gate casino” was built and swiftly followed by the erection of so many casino structures.

In 1994 A.D. online gaming was introduced to replace ancient dice games and mobile gaming was also introduced thereby allowing more and more people to enjoy gambling and gaming at their own convenience.

In summary, the evolution of gambling, gaming and casinos is part of the history of man because it started around man started living. However, gambling, gaming and casinos have been revolutionized in recent years to give us the ability to enjoy all types of games without the need for us to take a walk to a physical casino. To enjoy the best versions of these games King Billy casino is the perfect choice you must make.

Source:Denis Idoho