The Honking Great Untitled Goose Game Soundtrack Is Releasing Soon

Untitled Goose Game made a huge impact in 2019, selling over 1 million copies and turning the goose into a pop culture icon. Fans might have finished the game long ago, but those who still have the soundtrack stuck in their heads will soon be able to take it with them everywhere, as it’s set to receive a digital release.

The soundtrack, which will release through Decca Classics, will feature composer Dan Golding’s adapted tunes from Claude Debussy’s Préludes, which is made up of high and low energy versions of each track that the game dynamically switches between depending on your actions.

The album will also feature original music composed by Golding when it releases digitally on March 27, 2020. The release will be digital-only, although Universal Music Australia has told GameSpot that a vinyl release is “in discussion.”

The album’s cover art is below. Honk!

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Untitled Goose Game received an 8/10 in GameSpot’s review, which praised the game’s soundtrack: “But the reactive soundtrack is what really sells the goose’s charms. The music, based on Claude Debussy’s Préludes, springs into action dynamically based on the goose’s actions, punctuating moments when it shocks someone and adding a buoyancy to any scene involving a chase. It gives the game a feeling of farce; at its best, it’s reminiscent of a Buster Keaton film, especially since there’s no dialogue.”

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