The Old Ways event brings Duos & King’s Canyon back to Apex Legends permanently

The upcoming Apex Legends event focuses on Bloodhound, which is cool. But FAR more importantly, Duos and King’s Canyon are becoming a permanent fixture.

For as long as anyone who enjoyed Apex Legends can remember, we’ve been asking Respawn to make Duos a permanent thing. For whatever reason, through the better part of two seasons, they teased us. Now, they’re getting ready for a new event with The Old Ways, which will focus on Bloodhound, but just as importantly, the cruel jest comes to an end. Duos and King’s Canyon are also coming back to Apex Legends with the start of The Old Ways, and not as a limited time event, but permanent options.

Apex Legends revealed this shocking information with the announcement of The Old Ways event on the Apex Legends website on April 2, 2020. Starting on April 7 and running through April 21, 2020, players will engage in a new event focusing heavily around the origins of Bloodhound. The Old Ways will feature exclusive cosmetics and goodies based on the events of the new Stories from the Outlands: The Old Ways digital short. Perhaps more importantly to many though, with the coming of The Old Ways comes the King’s Canyon Map and Duos game modes, along with new map rotation queues to play Duos, Trios, World’s Edge, and King’s Canyon.

The Old Ways is welcome news on the Apex Legends front to say the least. Characters like Revenant and weapons like the L-Star have added new and cool permanent wrinkles to the game play of Apex Legends, but going back to King’s Canyon or having a Duos match were moments consigned to limited time events. It was frustrating to say the least.

With this more permanent option finally available, Apex Legends seems like it’s ready to continue competition with the other battle royales. The folks over at Activision and Infinity Ward have a pretty good game on their hands with Call of Duty: Warzone if our Shacknews Review or the continually growing player numbers of the game are any sign. And Call of Duty has proven it’s willing to give players what they want like Solo modes pretty quickly.

It’s good to see Apex Legends isn’t giving up the fight, even if it took them a little long to show it.

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