The Tax Collector Trailer, From Suicide Squad Director, Shows Shia LeBeouf Getting His Hands Dirty

A trailer for director David Ayer’s next film has debuted, and it shows off Shia LeBeouf in a particularly intense mode. He stars in The Tax Collector as Creeper, a man working for a crime lord called Wizard, who goes between gangs to collect Wizard’s cut of their money. Naturally, things go wrong, and his partner David (Bobby Soto) ends up having his family kidnapped.

The trailer below shows off LeBeouf’s performance, as well as plenty of action. There’s a clear mythology built up around his character, who is called “the Devil” in the trailer’s first scene. The movie also stars Lana Parrilla, George Lopez, and Jay Reeves.

The film will release on demand from August 7. You can watch the trailer below.

Ayer, who wrote and directed The Tax Collector, has been on a bad run lately. His latest films, Suicide Squad and Bright, earned awful reviews and received plenty of criticism. His earlier End of Watch was better received. LeBeouf previously worked with the director on World War II tank film Fury.

Whether The Tax Collector will reverse his fortunes remains to be seen. The director is also committed to making a sequel to Bright, once again starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.