Titmouse Moves 5 Second Day Festival To Twitch

The ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has led animation production company Titmouse–the company behind Metalocalypse and The Venture Bros.–to massively alter plans for its scheduled annual 5 Second Day animated short festival. After debuting a series of new shorts created by Titmouse employees in Los Angeles and New York, the company has been forced to cancel its Vancouver screening.

All hope is not lost, though. While announcing the cancellation, Titmouse has revealed that it will, instead, screen all of the shorts during a Twitch livestream on Friday, March 27. “We always want to make sure the artists’ films are seen by an audience,” Titmouse president and founder Chris Prynoski said in a statement. “when the challenges of this pandemic made it clear that our Vancouver screening was not going to be an option, I decided to beam it directly into the viewers’ brains! I was told that technology does not yet exist, so we are streaming it on Twitch!”

In all, over 145 shorts will be screened during the livestream, all of which will be shown uncensored. As such, they are intended for mature audiences (18+).

The Twitch livestream kicks off on Friday, March 27, at 10 PM ET. The program is scheduled to run 90 minutes and include all 145-plus shorts from this year’s 5 Second Day. Each year, Titmouse allows its employees to set aside their normal work to create an animated short of their own to present at the annual 5 Second Day festival. You can check out the Twitch livestream here.

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