Tomb Raider Is Getting Transformed Into An Anime Series

Tomb Raider Is Getting Transformed Into An Anime Series
Tomb Raider Is Getting Transformed Into An Anime Series

There is a ton of adaptations in the works right now for the video game industry. For the films, we have the likes of Uncharted, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, and a Resident Evil reboot. Not to mention there are television series also being developed such as a Halo project and The Last of Us. To top it off, there are anime series being produce as well which we can now officially label Tomb Raider as one of the IP receiving an anime treatment. 

This news comes from The Hollywood Reporter which alerted followers of a Netflix Tomb Raider series that is being developed. From what we know so far is that this anime will follow after the events of the recent reboot trilogy which first came out with Tomb Raider in 2013 and concluded in 2018 with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Outside of that, we know that the writer behind the project will be Tasha Huo who was also behind The Witcher: Blood Origin

News is scarce right now as we don’t know just when this anime series is projected to release. Likewise, this is not the only Tomb Raider project in the works. We know that in the video game industry we have Tomb Raider Reloaded, an upcoming mobile title, along with Tomb Raider 2, the sequel live-action film which stars Alicia Vikander. That project recently just received a new writer and director so it looks like things are starting progress for the sequel but much like the anime series, we’re uncertain just when we can expect the film to hit theaters.

For gamers, the mobile title might have to make do for now. We’re still waiting on the next big video game installment for this franchise after the reboot trilogy concluded and it does look like there is quite a bit of excitement building up from this IP recently thanks to the adaptations. Perhaps we’ll get some kind of a new mainline video game announcement sooner than later, but for now, it’s purely a waiting game.

Source: THR