Top 10 Tips for Among Us Gamers

Although Among Us came out two years ago, it only became popular this fall. Now it is steadily at the top of Twitch in terms of the number of viewers. It is almost as popular as slots described in

One reason for this popularity is its simplicity. Anyone can start playing Among As because the concept resembles the old-good game Mafia. Yet, like all logic games, it is full of its nuances. These tips will help you become professional in Among As.

Change the Control

When playing on PC, character control is assigned by default to the mouse. Go to the Among Us settings and set a combined mouse+keyboard option. This will make you much harder to kill.

Skip the Loading Screen

At the beginning of the game, a loading animation is displayed on the screen. Just click on it once to skip it. That way you’ll have an extra couple of seconds to get to your advantageous position before anyone else.

Learn the Names of the Rooms

At first, it makes sense to keep the Among Us map tab open and peek into it periodically.

Complete Challenges

This is your main goal, so you shouldn’t waste any time. Immediately after you’re done with one mini-game, go to the next. After death, turning into a ghost, you can perform the task.

Observe the Players

If a crew member is constantly running from room to room instead of completing tasks, he’s probably a traitor. Besides, pay attention to the progress bar at the top of the screen. If you see a player standing and supposedly completing a task and the bar doesn’t fill up, he’s probably bluffing.

Run in a Group

This is a good tip to help beginners. By traveling in a group of 3-4 people, you get an alibi when you vote. IAlso, a traitor will definitely not attack an astronaut in a group.

Keep Your Distance

Do not stay close to each other. One of the group members may turn out to be a traitor, then after the murder, it will be impossible to determine who exactly committed it.

Do Not Ignore the Sabotage

As soon as the arrows appear on the screen, go immediately to the right rooms and perform the tasks. If you ignore them, there will be a reactor explosion or an oxygen leak, and the traitors will automatically win. In the case of turning off the lights, there will not be such a sad end. Yet, it does not hurt to screw the bulbs back in. This way it will be easier for you and the other crew members to navigate.

Use the Administrator’s Map

You can use it to spot someone using the hatch. Then run in the direction of that room and identify the player. Another trick is that during the kill the traitor and the victim flash on the map.

Be Careful With Pressing the Emergency Button

Use it only when absolutely necessary, when you have information about the suspect or want to discuss game strategy. The number of presses is limited and is determined by the lobby host at the beginning.

Source: PlatoData