TouchArcade Game of the Week: ‘Songbringer’

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Mobile is home to a bunch of great original games, but equally important is the huge number of excellent games that have been ported over from other platforms. Back in 2015 Wizard Fu Games successfully crowdfunded a project for an idea that was essentially “What if the original The Legend of Zelda was different every time you played it?” A couple of years later that project, called Songbringer, launched on desktop and consoles with a Nintendo Switch port following in 2018. One of the original stretch goals of the crowdfunding campaign was a mobile port of Songbringer, but we didn’t hear much about its progress until the mobile version was launched into open beta in June of last year.

I took that open beta version of Songbringer for a spin back then and was blown away by how much Wizard Fu Games nailed the “Zelda but random” formula. It allowed you to enter a seed at the beginning of the game to generate an entire world, and while many randomly generated games end up feeling a bit souless due to their random nature, each game of Songbringer felt like its own unique full-blown action RPG. Cool worlds to discover, tons of interesting enemies to battle, and all manner of little details and secrets to discover each time you played. It deftly managed to capture the essence of classic The Legend of Zelda while still feeling like its own unique experience and world.

Songbringer also worked staggeringly well as a mobile game, so it was odd that following the release of the open beta in June of last year there were only a handful of new builds released and seemingly no real target release date in sight. It was especially strange because that initial version of Songbringer felt like it was darn near ready to go even back then, so when progress on the mobile version appeared to stall it made me afraid that maybe something was preventing the game from coming out on mobile. Thankfully those fears were unfounded as this past week Songbringer launched out of nowhere on the App Store, and it has been just as fantastic as I remember from the beta.

I could definitely go on about Songbringer some more, and being a few years old on other platforms there is no lack of information or reviews out there if you’re curious. But honestly your best option is to just download this sucker and try it out for yourself. There’s no risk in doing so as the game is free and offers up a rather lengthy demo experience for you to try, and by the end of it if you’re liking what you see you can unlock the full game for a one-time $3.99 IAP. And seriously, this demo slice will keep you PLENTY busy before it comes to the end, so you should be more than certain if Songbringer speaks to you as wonderfully as it does to me.