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Ubisoft invests in blockchain gaming

Ubisoft’s second quarterly earnings report revealed some interesting news today about the company’s investments. According to the document, the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry developer is getting into blockchain gaming. Ubisoft participated in a funding round for Australian gaming company Animoca Brands, which was founded in 2014 by Yat Siu and David Kim.

Animoca Brands has a few blockchain games currently available. There’s the racing game REVV Motorsport and NFT game F1 Delta Time, where players can collect various racing-related NFTs.

For those more into building and exploration, there’s The Sandbox, where players can build and control virtual worlds. Aesthetically, it vaguely resembles Minecraft. The Sandbox has had a few notable partnerships, with big names like Atari, the Walking Dead franchise, beloved rapper Snoop Dogg, and electronic music producer Deadmau5 opting into the game’s blockchain metaverse.

Ubisoft seems hopeful about the future of blockchain technology and the ways it can tie into the gaming space. The company expressed its support for blockchain technology, citing a desire for innovation and player empowerment. The French gaming company also hopes to find solutions to blockchain technology’s current limitations, listing sustainability and scalability as areas of concern.

In addition to its gaming offerings, Animoca Brands also lists a number of different NFT collectibles on its official website. There are a number of racing-related NFTS, but there are also fantasy cards called Crazy Defense Heroes.

Perhaps most surprisingly, Animoca Brands developed a collection of BRATZ doll NFT cards. But this early 2000s nostalgia comes at a hefty price—BRATZ NFT cards are currently going for over $850 each on resale platforms.

Ubisoft’s interest in blockchain gaming extends beyond just Animoca Brands. According to IGN, Ubisoft has plans to develop its own blockchain titles and is exploring the integration of play-to-earn strategies into its current offerings.

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