Valheim: How To Summon All The Bosses In The Game (So Far) | Key Items Guide

Valheim: How To Summon All The Bosses In The Game (So Far) | Key Items Guide
Valheim: How To Summon All The Bosses In The Game (So Far) | Key Items Guide

The world of Valheim is a dangerous place. If the Draugr don’t get you, the log-wielding trolls will. Enemies attack your house at night, and you’ll be stuck grinding for resources until you’ve got a pretty good collection of equipment. Once you have a nice outpost and weapons, you’ll be ready to fight the biggest beasts in the realms.

There are currently five bosses in Valheim, and there’s a reason you want to fight them. Bosses carry important key items that allow you to further progress through the game — the first boss gives you access to all-important Pickaxes, the second boss helps you unlock iron scrap, and the third boss points your way to silver.

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First Boss: Eikthyr

  • Biome: Meadows
  • Weakness: N/A | Wood Shield + Flint Spear

To summon Eikthyr you must find a Mystical Altar in the Meadows biome. Interact with the glowing Sacrificial Stones where you spawn to automatically mark the nearest Mystical Altar location.

Sacrifice x2 Deer Trophies at the Mystical Altar to summon Eikthyr. Deer Trophies are a rare random drop from Deer — so you just need to hunt them until you get enough. You can re-summon Eikthyr an infinite amount of times.

  • Rewards: Eikthyr drops x3 Hard Antler which unlocks the Antler Pickaxe for mining ore and hardwood.
    • Eikthyr also drops the Eikthyr Trophy. Bring it back to the spawn stone to unlock the Eikthyr’s Forsaken Power. This power causes you to lose less stamina when sprinting or swimming.

Second Boss: Elder

  • Biome: Black Forest
  • Weakness: N/A |

The massive tree-like Elder appears in the Black Forest. To find his Altar, search Abandoned Houses and Burial Chambers dungeons for a Rune Stone. Interacting with the Rune Stone will reveal the closest Elder Monument.

To summon the Elder, sacrifice x3 Ancient Seeds. Ancient Seeds are rare drops from Greydwarf enemies, and are guaranteed to drop after smashing Greydwarf Spawners.

  • Rewards: The Elder drops the Swamp Key when defeated. This key allows you to access the Sunken Crypts in the Swamp biome.
    • You’ll also get the Elder Trophy. Hang it at the stones in spawn to unlock the Elder’s Forsaken Power — you’ll be able to chop down trees much faster when activated.

Third Boss: Bonemass

  • Biome: Swamp
  • Weakness: Blunt | Iron Mace

The terrifying Bonemass appears in the Swamps biome. To summon him, you’ll need to find a Bone Altar. Search the Sunken Crypts (with the Swamp Key acquired from the Elder boss) to find a Rune Stone which will reveal the Bone Altar’s location.

To summon the Bonemass, sacrifice x10 Withered Bones. These are drops from Muddy Scrap Piles in Sunken Crypts. Clear out all the muddy scrap piles you find to stock up.

  • Reward: The Bonemass drops the Wishbone — a special accessory that reveals secrets underground. It’s most important use is locating Silver Ore deposits underground in the Mountains biome.
    • Like all other bosses, the Bonemass drops the Bonemass Trophy. Return it to the Sacrificial Stones to gain the Bonemass’ Forsaken Power which grants resistance to all forms of damage.

Fourth Boss: Moder

  • Biome: Mountains
  • Weakness: N/A

The flying wyvern Moder must be summoned from the Ritual Site in the Mountains biome. To summon her, you’ll need to acquire x3 Dragon Eggs — the Ritual Site has three bowls. Place one Dragon Egg in each bowl to complete the sacrifice.

Dragon Eggs are incredibly heavy items found in nests. Each egg weighs 200 — so you’ll need to make multiple trips to summon Moder or work with multiple players. Nests are located on high peaks where Drakes roam.

To carry more weight, find the trader in the Black Forest biome. Purchase the Megingjord accessory to increase your carry weight from 300 to 450.

  • Reward: Moder drops the Dragon Tear — an ingredient required to craft the Artisan Table, which gives you access to the highest grade crafting in the game.
    • Moder also drops the Moder Trophy. Return it to spawn to gain an ability which always makes sure wind is at your back when travelling by boat.

Fifth Boss: Yagluth

  • Biome: Plains
  • Weakness: N/A

A massive skeleton that drags itself around by its upper body, the gigantic boss is devastating but currently serves no purpose in the game. Like all other bosses, it must be summoned. Locate the Stonehenge Site — you can find Rune Stones in Fuling Villages that point you the way.

To summon Yagluth, you need to place x5 Fuling Totems at the Stonehenge Site. These items are a rare drop from Fuling Berserkers, which are more likely to spawn in Fuling Villages or outposts.

  • Reward: Yagluth doesn’t drop a key item as of this writing.
    • It does drop a Yagluth Trophy, which unlock a Forsaken Ability that grants resistance to all elements — poison, fire and ice.

More bosses are coming! We’ll add any new information here as it develops.