Vitality strengthen top spot in Europe RMR; Evil Geniuses join the race in NA after cs_summit 6 win

Two grand final losses in a row, in BLAST Premier Spring Series Finals and cs_summit 6 Europe, were certainly not how Vitality wanted to end the first half of the year, but despite the lack of tournament wins, the Frenchmen’s consistency has earned them a high world ranking and a plethora of RMR points.

Vitality’s 855 point gap puts them in a comfortable position before the last RMR event

Dan “⁠apEX⁠” Madesclaire‘s men earned a solid number of points at every Major Ranking stop, the StarLadder Berlin Major (5-8th, 360 points), ESL One: Road to Rio – Europe (5th, 1300 points), and cs_summit 6 (2nd, 1875 points), climbing to the top of the European Regional Major Rankings and creating a big gap between them and the second-placed team – 855 points. In no other region does a team have such a big lead at the top, with Vitality‘s spot at the Major, at least as Challenger or Contender, practically a lock-in.

G2 follow in second, and interestingly, Astralis complete the top three, despite skipping the cs_summit event altogether, a decision Nicolai “⁠device⁠” Reedtz spoke about in the latest episode of HLTV Confirmed. BIG‘s win over Vitality propels them from unranked to #8, claiming 2000 points, with GODSENT‘s fourth-place a positive surprise for a team ranked #28 in the world.

Teams that find themselves in a tough spot are mousesports (962.5 points) and Complexity (350 points). Finn “⁠karrigan⁠” Andersen‘s squad still have a shot to grab onto a Major spot at the last RMR event in Autumn, but Complexity will be hoping for a miracle, needing to make up 1500+ points on the likes of fnatic, OG, and Heroic to earn a slot.

Current Europe Regional Major Rankings:

1. France Vitality – 3535 points (Legends spot)
2. France G2 – 2680 points (Legends spot)
3. Denmark Astralis – 2400 points (Legends spot)
4. Europe GODSENT – 2300 points (Challenger spot)
5. Finland ENCE – 2155 points (Challenger spot)
6. Sweden NiP – 2085 points (Challenger spot)
7. Europe FaZe – 2014 points (Challenger spot)
8. Germany BIG – 2000 points (Challenger spot)
9. Denmark North – 1900 points (Challenger spot)
10. Sweden fnatic – 1875 points (Contender spot)
11. Europe OG – 1750 points (Contender spot)
12. Denmark Heroic – 1625 points
13. France Heretics – 1412.5 points
14. Spain Movistar Riders – 1225 points
15. Europe mousesports – 962.5 points
16. Denmark x6tence – 872.5 points
17. Europe Complexity – 350 points
18. Bulgaria FATE – 312.5 points
19. Europe c0ntact – 264 points
20. Sweden Dignitas – 150 points

Evil Geniuses‘ showed good form to win cs_summit 6 North America, which proppeled them into the top three of the North American rankings, sitting between Liquid and Gen.G, with 100 Thieves trailing slightly behind. All four of the aforementioned teams are in a 300 point window, meaning that the final RMR event will be all-important in deciding which teams will get the top spots in the region.

Trailing behind them are Cloud9 accompanied by Brazilian powerhouses FURIA and MIBR. As of now, no Brazilian team is ranked high enough to earn a spot at the ESL One Rio Major, but they will have one more chance to climb up at the Autumn event which will take place after the player break.

Current North America Regional Major Rankings:

1. United States Liquid – 3650 points (Legends spot)
2. United States Evil Geniuses – 3550 points (Legends spot)
3. United States Gen.G – 3475 points (Legends spot)
4. Australia 100 Thieves – 3325 points (Challenger spot)
5. United States Cloud9 – 2875 points (Contender spot)
6. Brazil FURIA – 2875 points
7. Brazil MIBR – 2091.5 points
8. United States Triumph – 1750 points
9. North America Envy – 1200 points
10. United States Chaos – 1187.5 points
11. Brazil TeamOne – 875 points
12. United States Bad News Bears – 750 points
13. Brazil Yeah – 600 points

The final RMR events are yet unannounced, but it is known that they will give out the highest number of points yet, allowing for big changes in the final standings.

The points distribution for the Autumn RMR events will be as follows, with the number of spots giving points depending on the region.

1. 2500 RMR Points
2. 2344 RMR Points
3. 2188 RMR Points
4. 2031 RMR Points
5. 1875 RMR Points
6. 1719 RMR Points
7. 1563 RMR Points
8. 1406 RMR Points
9. 1250 RMR Points
10. 1094 RMR Points
11. 938 RMR Points
12. 781 RMR Points
13. 625 RMR Points
14. 469 RMR Points
15. 313 RMR Points
16. 156 RMR Points