Watch This Impressive Fall Guys Hex-A-Gone Finish

If you are one of the 2 million people now playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on Steam, you might be looking for ways to up your game and take home the coveted crown. This Hex-A-Gone gameplay proves that, despite its cute and cuddly aesthetic, Fall Guys winners are just as likely to be stone-cold killers as you might find in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Posted by Twitch streamer Barret Courtney, the video shows that a flawless victory in Hex-A-Gone isn’t just about staying alive–it’s about eliminating the competition. Have a watch for yourself.

Fall Guys has seen a record-breaking, and sometimes server-breaking, surge of interest since it first released on August 4. This includes game streaming, with Fall Guys taking out the top spot on Twitch more often than not, even while it was still in beta. The kind of gameplay showcased above shows exactly why Fall Guys is just as addictive to watch as it is to play.

The GameSpot review of Fall Guys called it “easily the most approachable and welcoming battle royale yet. Its bursting color and varied game modes do a good job of reeling you in and keeping you hooked, even if a handful feel at odds with the easygoing nature of its premise.”

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