Words With Friends Now Has An Alexa Spin-Off Called Word Pop

Words with Friends 2 players with an Alexa now have a new spin-off game to try, and it’s quite different from the game they’re used to. While the classic Words with Friends experience is essentially Scrabble with a few bells and whistles, Word Pop challenges you to take six letters and rearrange them into as many words as you can in one minute.

The game, which is available now on the Echo, Echo Show, and Echo Dot, is controlled by your voice, so you spell out the words as you spot them. You’ll earn points depending on how many words you get, and how long the words you spell are.

You can see how it works in the trailer below, which shows the importance of good spelling.

The app can be accessed by saying “Alexa, play Word Pop” on a compatible device, and see if you can remember that “gauge” is spelt with the a in front of the u, that “forty” has no u, and that “weird” is an “e before i” word whereas “siege” is an “i before e”.

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