WWE’s Empty-Arena Promos With Twin Peaks Music Is A Perfect Combo

Everyone is trying to make the best of the current social distancing situation we find ourselves in as a result of the coronavirus. WWE’s events are ongoing, but with a major change: arenas for shows like Raw and Smackdown are empty–and they’re taking place at the Performance Center, which will even be the case for Wrestlemania. The result is a distinctly different vibe; we’re used to watching wrestling with raucous crowds that will cheer or boo whatever they wish (even if goes against what a company like WWE necessarily wants in a given situation). We’ve already seen “Stone Cold” Steve Austin deliver a memorable moment on WWE television with an empty arena, and now one fan has done their best to improve upon WWE’s product.

On Twitter, user SIDEEYEmusic took a clip of a standard promo featuring Bray Wyatt and John Cena and made it into something truly magical. The lack of any crowd noise during a promo like this lends the proceedings the feel of a soap opera–which wrestling already is. So what makes this better? Why, the memorable music of a deeply soap opera-inspired TV show: Twin Peaks.

While there might be all sorts of rights issues that would render such an idea untenable, this clip provides a glimpse of what would make for a terrific WWE Network feature. You can still have the normal broadcast, but offer up a secondary feed that overlays the hauntingly beautiful music of Angelo Badalamenti.

Yes, I know it’ll never happen, but if more of these segments were to make their way online, I know how I’d be spending some of my newfound free time.