Xbox Series X Before You Buy

Xbox Series X Before You Buy

November is here and we can get ready for the next-generation console platforms. Both Sony and Microsoft have their consoles heading into the market this month and the first one up to bat are Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. This is a powerful gaming console and one that fans may be aiming for especially if they don’t own a gaming PC. With that said, we still have a few days to go before the public can get their hands on the console, but fortunately, we got a chance to dive into the game console a bit early.

If you want our impressions on the Xbox Series X then check out our Before You Buy episode above. We talk about several areas in the console that may inform you a bit more about whether this console is worth the purchase or not.

For instance, we dive into the overall size of the console, its design, the new user interface, the marketed Quick Resume feature, how older games perform on the platform, to the controller that comes packed with each unit.

At the end of the day, this console is our first step into the next-generation of gaming and while we didn’t get some of the new next-gen titles to really test the platform out, we’re hopeful that we offer enough pros, cons, and some general footage to give you a bit more insight to the console.