Xbox Series X Hardware Will Improve xCloud In 2021

Microsoft is currently still testing Xbox xCloud–it’s cloud-based streaming solution that will let you stream games to your smartphone, tablet, PC, and even consoles. Right now, it’s data centers are filled with Xbox One S hardware to run instances of each game, but they’ll be upgraded to Xbox Series X hardware in 2021.

The Verge reports that Microsoft is planning to launch xCloud as part of Xbox Game Pass later this year, after months of testing across both Android and iOS. The report states that preliminary tests for Xbox Series X hardware transitions are already taking place, but that a wide roll out won’t come until after the console launches later this year.

Beyond the obvious boost to graphical powers, the jump to Xbox Series X allows more game instances to run on a single console, with at least four Xbox One S instances supported per Xbox Series X blade. The better CPU in the Series X will also improve video encoding that’s crucial to fast streaming, with Microsoft claiming that it will be around six times faster once implemented.

The report also states that Microsoft is testing out xCloud servers with PC hardware, to start streaming PC games in the near future. Right now, xCloud is set to support streaming Xbox console titles, but this addition could include PC-exclusive games, like the recently released Gears Tactics, into the mix too.

Microsoft has yet to share a firm date for when everyone will be able to use xCloud, and details on how it integrates with Game Pass. The Xbox Series X is slated to launch during Holiday 2020, with Microsoft hosting an event in July to showcase first-party exclusives.

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