Xbox Series X Retail Box Art Emerges, And It Gives Off QBert Vibes

The Xbox Series X/S consoles will be available to preorder beginning September 22, and now the retail box art for the higher-tier console has emerged online.

Internet super sleuth Wario64 spotted the box art for the Series X. It prominently features the console’s unique cooling vents, along with the logos for Series X and the Xbox Velocity Architecture. The box also lets people know the console has a 1TB SSD and display options for 4K/120FPS. The art for the Series S console doesn’t appear to have emerged online yet.

We can’t tell from the picture alone, but this is probably a very big box considering the console itself is quite large. As people have pointed out on social media, the box gives off some Q*bert vibes.

Preorders for the Xbox Series X ($500 USD) and Xbox Series S ($300 USD) begin on September 22, and you can find out all the important details in GameSpot’s preorder guide.

Both consoles are scheduled to arrive on November 10. In addition to buying them outright, Microsoft is offering a payment plan known as Xbox All Access where you can get the Series S with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $25/month or the Xbox Series X with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $35/month. You’ll end up saving some money going this route over the two years, so check out our breakdown on how Xbox All Access works.