Yaga Receives “Bad Faith” Update After Community Feedback

Yaga, the Slavic folktale-inspired RPG from Breadcrumbs Interactive, has now received a new update. After community feedback on issues including player frustrations and quality-of-life additions, the studio launched its latest patch called “Bad Faith,” available now on PlayStation 4.

This Bad Faith update is the most comprehensive update that Yaga has released to date. Since the game’s launch in October 2019 on PlayStation 4, the community has been vocal in providing feedback to the RPG’s developers. Recently, the team released a statement on the PlayStation Blog addressing the Bad Faith update, the future of the title, and what changes have been made since launch.

Bad Faith makes a number of changes to the core gameplay systems in Yaga. One of the update’s main changes is to the Bad Luck System, which essentially means that the player is subject to a state called Bad Luck which made gameplay more difficult. In Bad Faith, Bad Luck is now a status than can be cleared by NPCs, and using it to its full potential will reward the player with Good Luck and bonuses going forward.

Players also now have the ability to repair weapons. With the previous gameplay loop based around weapons breaking in tandem with the Bad Luck system, this can now be mitigated so that players don’t lose crafted weapons that they worked hard on. There have also been a number of improvements to visual effects, the size of the minimap being increased, an option to skip the tutorial, and new difficulty modes to ensure that the play experience is more accessible.

Yaga is reportedly due to release on Steam later this year, though there has been no specific date as to when this port will be launched. We have a list of recently announced games that are now available for access if you need something to kill time until then.

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