Champ’d Up steps into the Jackbox Party Pack 7 ring

Think of the wackiest fighter you can imagine and put them in the ring in Champ’d Up, the next game for The Jackbox Party Pack 7.

It’s time to step into the Jackbox Party Pack 7 arena. Two warriors enter, only one leaves. The problem is that there aren’t any actual fighters ready to go. So for the next Jackbox Party Pack 7 game, it’s up to the players to create them themselves. This is the idea behind Champ’d Up.

Here’s how the game works. Players will draw and name two different types of characters. They’ll draw a favorite based on a specific title that they’re vying for. Then they’ll draw an underdog based on nothing other than the fact that they’re being matched up against the favorite. The player drawing the underdog is challenged to come up with an opponent that could feasibly take the fight to the favorite. Either way, your drawing will look like something wacky. Think of the most outlandish luchadore you can imagine. After a round of opening bouts, the game will ultimately come down to a tag team battle where players can tag in their previous fighters. The winner will be the character who gets the most votes. Champ’d Up is designed for 3-8 players.

Champ’d Up is the third of five games set to join The Jackbox Party Pack 7. It joins headlining game Quiplash 3, along with newcomer The Devil and the Details. Little is known about the latter game. Likewise, there isn’t much known about the final two games in the Jackbox Party Pack 7 package. More is expected in the weeks ahead.

There’s no release date information at this time about The Jackbox Party Pack 7, other than it’s coming at some point this fall. Look for it to release on PC and consoles. We’ll have our eye on Jackbox Games for more on what’s next, so stay tuned to Shacknews and the Jackbox Games website.

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