Destruction AllStars Guide – How to Earn AllStar Coins and Destruction Points

Here’s how to obtain the currency needed for different cosmetics.

Destruction All Stars Characters

Playing Destruction AllStars and wrecking the opposition is important but so is looking good while doing so. There’s an extensive number of cosmetics to unlock, from emotes to different skins, and you’ll need AllStar Coins to do so. How do you earn them?

The most basic way is by leveling up. Earning XP from matches – with bonus XP earned from performing better, like netting victories, wrecking opponents and so on – will eventually level you up. On leveling up, you’ll receive 1000 AllStar Coins. Some cosmetics (and the solo Challenge Series) require Destruction Points to unlock. This the premium currency purchased with real money.

While Lucid Games will be adding challenges later this year that will reward Destruction Points, you can only purchase them from the PlayStation Store. The Points come in packs of 500, 1000 and 2000. Only a few cosmetics require Destruction Points exclusively so it might be best to hold off for now.

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