Everwild is Something “the World Hasn’t Seen Before” – Lead Designer

“Something unique is brewing at Rare,” says James Blackham.


Rare’s Sea of Thieves is going strong and getting progressively better, but they have some interesting new stuff cooking up as well. One of those projects is Everwilda game that was announced back in November 2019, and though very little is known about it so far, what we have seen of it so far makes it look quite promising.

And according to Rare’s James Blackham, lead designer on the game, it’s going to be quite a unique experience. Taking to LinkedIn, Blackham said that Everwild is “something the world doesn’t have and hasn’t seen before”, saying, “Something unique is brewing at Rare.”

Other than a vague idea of its central premise, the fact that it might have some live service elements, and the fact that it looks absolutely gorgeous, very little is known about Everwild so far. It’s probably going to be a while before we see it though. The game was in pre-production when it was announced, while the project’s creative director Simon Woodroffe left the studio back in October 2020.

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