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Abyssrium’s 4th anniversary

Flero Games (Ho-Dae Lee, the CEO) announced that global relaxing game Abyssrium which was developed by its subsidiary IDLE Idea Factory (Hyo-Sik Kim, the CEO), got an update to celebrate its four-year anniversary on 7th July, 2020.

Players can enjoy ‘4th Anniversary Sea Festival’ theme, ‘Happy 4 Years Old Corallite’ costume, ‘Sweet and Sour Dessert’ dye for ‘Abyssrium’s 4th Anniversary special contents. Also, new 14 species of fish will be added including ‘Donut Sea Pig’, ‘Frappé Dolphin’, ‘Ice Cream Whale’.

The latest update adds new fairy characters to Abyssrium. These first-ever fairy character includes spring, summer, autumn and winter : Fairies for all seasons. By joining world map birthday party event and abyss event including bingo, fish fusion, and draw, players can collect the four seasons fairies.

Flero Games also has planned various events to celebrate the anniversary with fans. In addition to fairy character, players can get many more items from special events like attendance event. Everyone who login Abyssrium until 4th August can get 10,000 4th Anniversary Event coin.

In Abyssrium’s official instagram, the Abyssrium’s special gifting event will take place. Randomly selected 20 players who share Abyssrium’s 4th anniversary and leave celebrating messages will receive 10,000 Pearl (paid item). Also, Players who share and like mission posting and leave their user tag by comments will get ’20 Pearl’.

“We sincerely appreciate the love and support from all of our global fans over the last 4 years.” Hyo Sik Kim, the CEO of IDLE Idea Factory said, “Hope our fans enjoy Abyssrium’s 4th anniversary events and get plenty of gifts we’ve prepared for them.” Also, he said, “We will do our best to keep top Global Relaxing & Healing game spot.”

Furthermore, on the 4th anniversary of Abyssrium, Abyssrium team has plans to expand the game’s worldview in unexpected and exciting way. They want to evolve the contents which is not limited to sea life in enhanced graphics. Also, they’re going to add more updates, building up and refining Abyssrium’s foundational gameplay systems.

Global relaxing & healing game ‘Abyssrium’, which hit 50 million downloads, is available on both iOS and Google Play. And more details about the update can be found on their instagram.

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