Half-Life: Alyx Has A Death Stranding Easter Egg

Observant Half-Life: Alyx players spotted a Death Stranding Easter egg in one of the later chapters of Valve’s recently launched VR-exclusive. Reddit user KnightzIX posted an image of the Death Stranding tribute, which you can see below.

Credit goes to Reddit user KnightzIX.
Credit goes to Reddit user KnightzIX.

The find was verified by another Reddit user in the thread.

If you can’t tell, the Easter egg is a Death Stranding-style piece of cargo, complete with BRIDGES logo and the game’s iconic yellow caution tape. Next to it is a black boot with yellow soles. It appears to be located in Chapter 8 of Half-Life: Alyx, in the locked storage room guarded by laser tripmines.

The Easter egg makes sense. Death Stranding is coming to PC in June and its PC release date trailer showed Sam Bridges wearing a headcrab and gravity gloves, which Hideo Kojima later confirmed were “collaboration items.”

There are a number of cool Easter eggs and other details in Half-Life: Alyx we’ve noticed, and the list is only growing with the community on the hunt as well.

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