Here are the Top 5 Games about Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports. Some fans cheer their favorites in the stadiums, while others look at sports results at 20Bet to bet on the best horse. Yet, today, there are not so many championships because of the pandemic. But you can still dive into horse races with these games.

Riding Club Championships

A high-quality simulator of professional equestrian sport with good 3D graphics and detailed animation. The gameplay opportunities are just as great and offer users a huge choice of different actions.

The game features several popular modes, such as racing, jumping over obstacles, and avoiding barrels. Competitions can take place both in single-player and multiplayer modes, with real players.

An important feature of the simulator is the ability to create your routes of movement, which you can share with your friends. For this purpose, there is a powerful level editor with many built-in features and high functionality.

Horse Isle

A casual life simulator with lamplight two-dimensional graphics designed in a pixel retro style. In the game, you will be able to curb and subdue a wild horse, which can become a truly loyal and reliable friend.

Together with your assistant, you will explore a huge mysterious world, collecting unique items, improving equipment, and simply earning money for further development. For this purpose, there is a huge selection of auxiliary quests, which can be obtained from the local residents.

Horsez: Path to Victory

This realistic simulator will make you a real jockey, able to masterfully handle a horse. But do not give all of yourself to training and riding because your swift-footed friend needs care and attention, which you also will do.

To make the horse feel better and always win, you’ll need to wash it, feed it, hold joint training, learn to perform tricks. All classes will take place in an elite famous school located in the beautiful Scottish countryside.

Let’s Ride! Championship Dreams

A high-quality 3D strategy was released in 2006. You have to manage a huge and picturesque estate, with large stables. You will need to develop the place in every possible way, expand the territory, be engaged in construction and care for your pets.

Your main aim is to prepare your horses for professional competitions. Only the strongest and most experienced jockeys will get the highest results. If you win, you will receive a fee which you can spend on improving your horse estate.

Riding Star 3

The sequel to one of the most famous and successful video game series dedicated to dizzying horse racing. Here you can get on the podium of the most important and solid championships.

The main feature of the simulator is the highest realism. All players can fully experience the professional preparation of athletes for each performance. The result here depends not only on the jockey but also on his companion. It makes the task doubly difficult. Ludger Beerbaum, the legendary Olympic champion in show jumping, recommends this project. He says this game provides users all the basics and subtleties known only to professionals.

Source: PlatoData