Journey To The Savage Planet Gets Hot Garbage DLC On PC And Xbox One Very Soon

Journey to the Savage Planet is getting a little bigger soon with the new Hot Garbage DLC. The $8 expansion will see players tasked with exploring a new area, and they’ll be able to unlock new upgrades and fight fierce new foes.

The expansion is coming to the Xbox One and PC versions of the game on April 15, while a PS4 release date has not been announced yet. This is just six days after the game comes to Xbox Game Pass, so new players will be able to expand their game.

The trailer for Hot Garbage shows off the expansion’s new tools, including a jetpack, toxic deshocker, and underwater boots. The jetpack and boots, in particular, will impact how you explore the world, and it looks like this new area will have portals that the player can jump through.

It also seems that Kindred Aerospace, the company behind your expedition, will send a new robot enemy after you in the expansion.

Journey to the Savage planet scored a 7/10 in GameSpot’s review back in January. “Journey to the Savage Planet borrows plenty of familiar elements from other games,” reviewer Richard Wakeling wrote, “yet it does so in a carefree way that sets it apart from other sci-fi exploration games, settling on a relaxing playstyle that’s informed by its single, vivid planet and tightly focused design.”

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