Marvel’s Avengers Expansion War for Wakanda Announced

Marvel’s Avengers Expansion War for Wakanda Announced

Square Enix hasn’t given up on Marvel’s Avengers, and at today’s showcase, it revealed the next character to join the roster. It’s Black Panther, who’s going to appear, along with his rogues gallery and home country of Wakanda in a new expansion called “War for Wakanda.” We also got a glimpse of the latest DLC, starring Hawkeye, as well as the next-generation versions of the game, both of which released today.

The trailer for “War for Wakanda” doesn’t show much, but we get a glimpse of the Panther’s home country in all its glory. His longtime foe Klaw narrates the trailer, and details a plan to collaborate with AIM, the in-game baddies, to steal Wakanda’s vibranium. One would assume King T’Challa will call upon the aid of the Avengers to prevent that from happening. This expansion is listed in the roadmap under the “Summer and Beyond” heading, so presumably that’s the earliest we can expect to see it.

Other updates on Marvel’s Avengers took up a large part of the Square Enix showcase. The company seems determined to scrub some of the game’s poor reception because it’s throwing a lot of new content into the game. The latest DLC, called “Operation Hawkeye: Future Imperfect,” focuses on the Avenger’s bow-wielding compatriot, who travels to a possible future ruled by the Maestro, an evil Hulk.

The next-generation versions of Marvel’s Avengers were also detailed in a trailer during the event, which launched today alongside “Future Imperfect,” and they come with upgraded graphics and faster load times. The upgrade is free for those who already own the game on the respective last-gen consoles. Developers Crystal Dynamics is also rolling out new features such as the ability to replay the campaign, as well as a customizable HARM room. Several other events will be launching sometime between now and when “War for Wakanda” comes out.

Source: Marvel’s Avengers Website

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