Monster Hunter Rise Demo’s Stuttering Issues Won’t be Present in the Full Game

Capcom assures players that the issue won’t be present in the final game.

Monster Hunter Rise

Ahead of the imminent launch of Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom have made a demo of the game available to all Switch owners up until February 1. Large numbers of people have been diving into the demo and trying out what the game will have on offer, and while reaction has been strong on the whole, the demo hasn’t been without its issues.

One issue that’s been brought up often is the stuttering that occasionally happens during gameplay in the demo. Capcom recently took to Twitter to assure players that this stuttering issue won’t be present in the final game when it launches a couple of months from now. The developer explains that this issue is a processing failure and is faced by players with large numbers of friends on their Switch profiles (translated by Siliconera).

A recent technical analysis of the demo also revealed what resolutions the game is running in in docked and undocked mode. Read more on that through here.

Monster Hunter Rise is out exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 26.