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New World’s latest patch has brought 2 game-breaking bugs to healing and the auction house

New World rolled out Patch 1.0.4 earlier today, which was supposed to provide a ton of fixes to the game and bring the return of two key features. While it achieved some of this, a handful of new bugs have arisen—and some are game-breaking.

New World players have recorded multiple bugs popping up since the patch went live, affecting the game’s healing system and the auction house.

The most severe of these bugs is a healing issue that’s allowing players to heal substantially faster by spamming crouch inside Sacred Ground or Beacon. As seen in this clip, doing this in combat even against multiple enemies can easily keep a player alive, leaving this to be abused in PvP combat.

Another key issue that has popped up with Patch 1.0.4 is a problem with the auction house that’s making players lose out on gold for buy or sell orders if they’re fulfilled while the player is offline.

This has made many players lose out on gold. But since this has been reported by many, it’s been brought to Amazon’s attention and the devs are working on a solution.

New World has had quite a big issue with bugs since its launch, and while each patch works to fix as much as possible, they still appear to be frequently surfacing. A patch for these two game-breaking issues will likely be rolled out shortly.

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