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Pikmin Bloom is now available in the US, Canada, and the rest of the Americas

Niantic and Nintendo’s latest AR title Pikmin Bloom continued its global rollout today. The game is now available for users in the U.S., Canada, and all of the Americas.

Pikmin Bloom is another attempt at bringing further immersion to a Nintendo property, similar to how Pokémon Go works. But the goals and gameplay within this game are different.

During your time playing Pikmin Bloom, you’ll collect and grow seedlings into Pikmin. These Pikmin can then be sent out on adventures to retrieve items, such as collectibles or fruit. Fruit can be fed to your Pikmin to grow petals, which facilitate the game’s main goal. A secondary objective is to collect all the different kinds of Pikmin, especially the rare Decor Pikmin boasting their own unique outfits.

Pikmin Bloom’s main objective is to get out and walk around your city, planting flowers as you go. You’ll need to gather a lot of petals to achieve this, but as you walk about laying down petals, flowers will grow on your map within the app.

The app partners with the fitness tracker on your device, allowing you to count steps that will be used to grow new Pikmin and visit new locations—similar to what Pokémon Go does for hatching eggs.

You can download the game on both Android and iOS devices from their respective app stores. The rollout will be continuing with Europe expected to gain access to the game soon. Places that already have access include Australia and Singapore, but it shouldn’t be long until the whole world is out there planting flowers around their locale.

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