$15,000 AfreecaTV Champions Cup (1280 EPT Points)

Extremely excited to announce AfreecaTV’s first sponsorship of an EPT Tournament, the AfreecaTV Champions Cup!

Awarding $15,000 and 1280 EPT points, we look forward to hosting hard-fought and nail bitingly entertaining matches!

1st: 250 points
2nd: 180 points
3rd-4th: 125 points
5th-8th: 75 points
9th-12th: 50 points
13th-16th: 25 points


These qualifiers are server qualifiers, players from all regions may play in as many of them as they like. There is no region lock.

Double-elimination, 3 spots awarded in each KR, EU qualifier, 4 spots in NA qualifier,16 qualifier spots total

For double-elimination qualifiers with over 16 participants: the bracket will be single-elimination up to the Round of 16 (Ro16). From Round of 16 onward, the bracket will be double-elimination.

Seeding rule: EPT Combined Standings from 2022/23 Season.

KR Qualifier #1: Thursday, Oct 20 7:00am EDT (GMT-04:00) sign up here.

KR Qualifier #2: Saturday, Oct 22 7:00am EDT (GMT-04:00) sign up here.

EU Qualifier #1: Wednesday, Oct 19 1:00pm EDT (GMT-04:00) sign up here.

EU Qualifier #2: Friday, Oct 21 1:00pm EDT (GMT-04:00) sign up here.

NA Qualifier: Sunday, Oct 23 7:00pm EDT (GMT-04:00) sign up here.

Group Selection

After the qualifiers are concluded and we have our 16 participants we will perform a GSL-style group selection where players nominate each other. Let’s see what happens here!

Main event

The main event will be held from Nov 3rd to Nov 6th. Exact times will be announced after the qualifiers conclude. 4 groups of 4 players each will lead into an 8 player single-elimination playoff bracket. You can find all infos on Liquipedia.


Huge thanks to AfreecaTV for supporting this event and frankly the SC2 scene for a long time! Do please give your support!




We will only be hosting an English stream due to our sponsor’s wish to consolidate viewership on one channel.

Head Admins



Our tournament will also be on Matcherino! Check it out and support it if you feel like it.

Replay pack for the entire tournament (Main event and casted qualifier matches) available at $10. Proceeds go towards production costs.

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