Electronic Arts Plans to Release a “Major IP” Between January & March 2023 Alongside a Remake & More

Electronic Arts Plans to Release a “Major IP” Between January & March 2023 Alongside a Remake & More

Today, during Electronic Arts’ quarterly financial conference call for analysts and investors, chief executive officer Andrew Wilson talked about upcoming games.

Specifically, we learn that in Q4 of the fiscal year 2023 (between January and March 2023) the publisher plans to launch four games that have not been announced.

The first is a major IP, the second is a title from a partner developer, the third is a remake, and the fourth is a sports title.

Responding to a direct question during the conference call, Wilson elaborated more on the “Major IP.”

Wilson explained that the game is not being launched during the holiday season first of all, because it’s important to release the highest quality games possible, so EA is committed to quality and to giving the development team all the time they need to build a great game for the global audience.

On top of that, things in the industry are changing and 71% of EA’s recent revenue came from live services. Due to that, traditional launch services that have been very important for the longest time aren’t as relevant now anymore.

At the moment, no information was provided on the nature of this IP, so it’ll be interesting to see what it is when Electronic Arts reveals it down the line.

At the moment, we don’t know whether the remake is Dead Space, but that’s a possibility since its release has been slated for “early 2023.”

During the call, Wilson also mentioned Super Mega Baseball, but it isn’t clear whether that’s the sports game mentioned here or not.

If you’d like to learn more about Electronic Arts’ financial performance during the past quarter, you can read our dedicated article with plenty of info.

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