Genshin Impact Black Friday Deals Listed

Genshin Impact Black Friday Deals Listed

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Genshin Impact Black Friday Deals Listed

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MiHoYo’s popular online game, Genshin Impact, has not announced any Black Friday deals and to many players of the open-world adventure game, this is not a surprise. There is speculation that Genshin Impact may include a Black Friday sale eventually.

Genshin Impact was released last year in September and quickly gained popularity due to its beautiful animation and art design, various missions, and frequent updates. Fans of Genshin Impact were quick to fall in love with the wide variety of characters and action-filled storyline.

Rather than a Black Friday deal, Genshin Impact recently announced their new version of the game, Version 2.3 “Shadows Admist Snowstorms,” which will be coming to the game on Nov. 24.

Although there are many skins, items and more that can be bought at the in-game shop of Genshin Impact, there are many ways to gain limited special rewards.

Genshin Impact always features different events and mini-games that allow players to achieve rewards upon completion. With the new update coming soon, more quests and missions will be released as well.

Fans are not surprised that there has not been a Black Friday sale though. A player asked in the subreddit, r/Genshin_Impact, if MiHoYo would release a Black Friday sale. Some fans responded saying it was unlikely due to Black Friday not being a huge holiday, while others believe there may be a chance.

Last year, MiHoYo’s older RPG from 2016, Honkai Impact, was given a huge Black Friday sale. Players believe that the reason Genshin Impact had not received a Black Friday sale last year was because it was still in the launch of its first year.

There’s no announcement of a Black Friday sale in Genshin Impact yet, but one could happen in the near future.


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