Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How To Get Free Grit Dust, Sticky Globs & Ultra Balls Early

Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How To Get Free Grit Dust, Sticky Globs & Ultra Balls Early

Riches just waiting to be found.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How To Get Free Grit Dust, Sticky Globs & Ultra Balls Early
Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How To Get Free Grit Dust, Sticky Globs & Ultra Balls Early

Some items in Pokemon Legends: Arceus are invaluable. You’ll need as many as you can get. You can buy items like Sticky Globs, Stealth Spray, or Pokeballs, but you’re better off crafting them. There’s an obvious downside to crafting; you have to collect the materials, which can take time and effort. There’s another way to get items. An easier way. You can just crack open treasure chests.

Yes, there are treasure chests full of useful items in Pokemon Legends. They only appear in very specific locations on the map, and you might not even realize they’re resource nodes at first. Crates look like decorations in the environment. But you can throw out your Pokemon and let them crack these chests open for huge rewards. This is also one of the better ways to farm for valuables to sell.

Below I’ll explain everything you need to know about getting the best items in the game.

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How To Get Free Items | Smoke Bombs, Sticky Globs, Stealth Spray & More

Chests and crates are special resource nodes that give you random items instead of crafting materials. These resource nodes are only found in very specific locations, but you’ll be able to farm them by the midpoint of the game. There are two locations specifically that are great for farming.

  • Cobalt Coastlands, Deadwood Haunt – Located right next to the camp in the south. Go during the day to avoid all the ghosts that appear at night. This is a small area, so there is a limited number of chests. Still, you’ll get the same useful items here.
  • Coronet Highlands, Celestica Ruins – Once you unlock the camp at the Sacred Plaza, you can run through the area and immediately drop down to the nearby ruins below. This area is absolutely packed with chests. You’ll also want to go during the day. Avoid the Pokemon and just throw. Stealth Spray can make this easier, but isn’t necessary.

To farm chests, all you need to do is return to the camp and rest. You can fast-travel to the camp after collecting all the treasure, rest, then mount a Pokemon and return to the ruins. It takes less than a minute to clear out all the chests in the area. If you’re lucky, you’ll also find shiny chests that give even better loot. Here’s a quick rundown of the most useful items we receive.

  • Items Dropped From Chests & Crates: Sticky Globs, Stealth Spray, Smoke Bombs, Ultra Balls, Big Nuggets, Evolution Items

Take items like Big Nuggets, or any of the other items you don’t want, and sell them for huge profit. Evolution Items are especially valuable. Ultra Balls are obviously handy, and you can start getting them before you can craft them by farming these locations. Sticky Globs are by far the best way to catch Alpha Pokemon, so stocking up on Sticky Globs is a must. Again, you can collect Sticky Globs before you get the recipe with this method.

How To Get Grit Dust

Grit Dust comes in multiple different types, and is a totally new feature — fans of the series might not understand why Grit Dust is so valuable, but you can get lots of it just for catching Pokemon.

Why You’ll Want Grit Dust: is used to increase your EVs (Effort Values). This determines your power in different categories (Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense, HP) — using Grit Dust increases your Pokemon’s EV by 1. Different types of Grit Dust are required at different intervals, and it doesn’t matter when you use Grit Dust. Your Pokemon’s stats will increase exponentially to match their level, so you can increase HP at Level 1 or Level 99 and you’ll get the same benefits.

  • How To Earn Grit Dust: Grit Dust is earned by releasing Pokemon. The more rare the Pokemon, the better the Grit Dust you’ll earn. Travel to earlier regions to catch lower-level Pokemon then release to get lower tier Grit Dust, or grab the biggest Alpha Pokemon for even better Grit Dust.
  • If you attempt to release a Shiny Pokemon, you’ll get an onscreen warning.

Seeing as catching Pokemon is so important for raising your Team Galaxy rank, you should have tons of Pokemon in your pasture. Even more than previous games. Catching Pokemon with Sticky Globs and a back-attack is the easiest method — so don’t be afraid of filling your storage with infinite dupes. Just release them for rewards!

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